There are certain aspects of being a guitarist that seem to be stuck in the past and one of them is the cable that connects the guitar to an amp or an audio interface. Wireless transmitters and receivers for guitars have existed for quite some time but they have always been plagued by many issues, primary of which have been high latency and poor audio quality. Both are big no-no’s for any guitarist. No guitarist wants to play a note and then wait for the sound to come through and no guitarist worth his or her salt would want to sacrifice tonal quality. Thankfully, technology has progressed far enough to allow for wireless audio receivers and transmitters that do not demand guitarists make such sacrifices and one of the best in the business is the WirelessSoundTM from Amposo. Here are some of the reasons why you can replace your guitar cable with the WirelessSoundTM from Amposo without a second thought.


The one argument that people always tend to make in favor of guitar cables is that they are hassle free and free of any complexities. That was true in the past when wireless connectors would need to be paired correctly and quite a few complex steps needed to be followed to get them working. That is not what most musicians want either at a live event or during practice sessions. The WirelessSoundTM from Amposo is actually more convenient than a guitar cable as all you have to do is turn the transmitter and receiver on and connect the transmitter to your guitar and the receiver to the amp or audio interface and you are good to go. It is truly plug-and-play in every sense and actually frees you from the hassle of untangling a guitar cable that will inevitably happen especially when the cable has been stored away. Cables can also get damaged but the stainless steel construction of the WirelessSoundTM from Amposo means that you can use it with the assurance that it won't suffer any unwarranted damages during storage and transportation. Then there is the adjustable design of the WirelessSoundTM from Amposo. It allows you to maneuver it the way you want on your guitar or the amp. The fact that it is small and light means that it won’t take up much space which is always an advantage during travel and storage.

Low latency

While it is true that no wireless device can achieve zero latency, the WirelessSoundTM from Amposo is the closest you can get to such a thing. It has a latency of only 6 milliseconds which is impossible to detect. To give you an idea, the average blink of an eye lasts 300 milliseconds. 6 milliseconds is the kind of latency present in high end recording equipment which means that you will not notice any lag when playing through the WirelessSoundTM from Amposo. Amposo has been able to achieve this by using the very latest in wireless technology. What this means for the guitarist is that there will be no compromises unlike the other wireless options out there and the best part of all this is that you get all of this without breaking the bank.


Unmatched quality

The biggest concern guitarists have against adopting wireless technology is the inherent loss of quality that is associated with them. This was the case in the past and still is the case for many devices available nowadays and there is a good reason behind this. The bandwidth on these devices is so low that the audio signal has to be compressed before being transmitted and this can lead to the subtle nuances of your tone being lost. Amposo understands the importance of tone for a guitarist and that is why no stones were left unturned to ensure that the WirelessSoundTM transmits the sound exactly as it is produced by the guitar. The full audible range of 20Hz to 20kHz is transmitted which means that it can be used on bass guitars as well as seven, eight or even nine-string guitars and with effect pedals. Care has also been taken to ensure that there are no inconsistencies or unintended distortions introduced during transmission. All this means that the guitarist will find no difference in the quality of the sound as compared to a cable. If anything, a cable will lose the audio fidelity it provides as it ages and undergoes wear and tear while the WirelessSoundTM from Amposo will deliver the same high quality throughout its long operational lifetime.

Superb reliability

This is another fear guitarists have. No one wants the sound to suddenly cut off in the middle of a performance especially in a live situation. It can be frustrating even in a practice scenario. In short, guitarists need something that has no cause for concern and the WirelessSoundTM from Amposo is exactly that. What is even more impressive is the fact that this reliability is available over a range of more than 70 feet which means that you can play guitar on the most expansive stage or far from the amp or audio mixer and not worry about a loss of signal or a reduction in quality. In fact, the WirelessSoundTM from Amposo is better than a physical cable under such conditions. Another big advantage of using the WirelessSoundTM from Amposo is its excellent battery life. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts for 8 hours of active use and over 200 hours of sleep time which is more than adequate for even the most demanding guitarists.

Absolute perfection:

For a product with so many awesome features it would be natural to assume that it would cost a lot. It actually does not cost any more than a high-quality guitar cable. Another great thing about the WirelessSoundTM from Amposo is that it ships worldwide which means that you can experience its goodness irrespective of where you are. If there are still any doubts left about the WirelessSoundTM from Amposo then click here to read the very positive experience of people who have already used the WirelessSoundTM from Amposo to see why it is such a no-brainer to invest in the WirelessSoundTM from Amposo if you are a guitarist.

It has taken a long time to get to the point where a wireless audio interface can be used on guitars without any compromises or disadvantages but we are finally there with the WirelessSoundTM from Amposo. If anything, the advantages far outweigh a cable by a big margin. Going wireless has never been this easy or convenient before.

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