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Rock Out WIRELESS! with the WirelessPro Guitar Transmitter and Receiver!

  • Faster Than The Speed of Sound- Ok, not really BUT, you won't have any of those annoying delays you get with cheap, knockoff products. Wireless Touring delivers the highest-quality sound at the fastest possible speed directly from your guitar to your amp up to 300 feet away! It offers an incomparable latency of under 1ms latency.

  • Ultimate Sound- Crystal Clear sound EXACTLY as you intend it! While you shred, the Wireless Touring transmitter and receiver kit cuts through the BS to deliver perfect sound, every time with its 20Hz - 20kHz frequency response and high quality 12 or 24 karat gold contacts. Operating on the advanced frequency band of 5.8 GHz guarantees no interference and dropouts whatsoever. It automatically scans and selects the best frequency for operation. If interference is detected, Wireless Touring seamlessly moves to a new channel.
  • Stays Strong Through Long, Epic Performances- Ready to put on a Foo-Fighters-Long Performance? The powerful, built-in rechargeable lithium batteries deliver 24 hours of raw, unwavering power. So, when the crowd yells, "Encore!" or "Freebird!" you can accommodate.
  • Go Ahead... Put On A Show- Jump around, dance, spin, swing the guitar on your back, however you perform you can WITHOUT restrictions! That's the power of the Wireless Touring. So, you give the crowd MORE than just music; you give them an experience they'll never forget! The Wireless Touring offers multiple different channels. Also, multiple transmitters can be connected to multiple receivers and vice versa.
  • No Other Risk-Free Guarantee Like This- We 100% stand by this product. We know you'll love it because we are musicians and WE use and love it. It truly does what we say it does and we're willing to back it up with a 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee. If you don't like it, all good, we'll make it right.

Guitar players have waited long enough for this... a pure, high-quality wireless transmitter/receiver kit. LITERALLY plug-n-play! There are wannabes out there, but Wireless Touring is the real deal if you wanna be as professional as it gets. You'll never use a wire again... GUARANTEED! So, Rock Out like NEVER before! Rock Out WIRELESS!

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Easy Returns
24/7 Support
Quality you can hear
Near Zero Latency

Great detail with near zero latency. You'll be left to concentrate solely on your performance

Wireless ID Technology

Support a range of more than 70 feet and operate at 2.4GHz ISM band for crystal clear broadcasting

No setup required

Our units seamlessly connect with all devices carrying a 1/4" jack.

All Day Battery

Enjoy up to 4 hours of playing, uninterrupted.

High Quality

High quality transducers produce the clearest sound with noise cancellation.


The most affordable, high-quality wireless system to date.

What's Included